Kyla began her tango career 15 years ago in the United States, where she collaborated alongside the most prestigious tango teachers across North America. Originally teaching in the small town of Reno, Nevada, she soon moved to New York City to work with East Coast tango kingpin, Robin Thomas, with whom she developed 1000s of social dancers in NYC and the eastern seaboard of the U.S.. She then started teaching and DJing at tango festivals and offering seminars around the country, specializing in university tango clubs including Yale, Columbia, Princeton, UCSD and Caltech. She is an expert in introducing tango to first-timers and establishing a strong, attainable repertoire for beginners that is built around her passion for musical interpretation and connection between partners. Now, living in the UK, she dedicates her time to developing the community and building the next generation of tango dancers in Poole at her tango school, Studio T.

Kyla Mares