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The Comparison

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

As I was waiting for class to start one day, there was salsa music playing in the background. While I internally shimmied my shoulders and tapped my feet, I wondered why salsa music

doesn’t call to me as strongly as tango music does. And I realized, that salsa music is like a party animal. It's bursting with energy, like an extrovert. Exuberant and uninhibited. Whereas tango music seems to be a subtle, gentle command of the room. A steady, marching beat... but not a war drum...a heartbeat. Only if you quiet your mind does the sound of your heartbeat come forward. Tango music is an introvert if it was a person, it doesn’t demand that you move to it, only to listen. It trickles into your ear, whispering notes of warmth and refuge. It feels like a cozy blanket or your ultimate comfort food. You want to cuddle into it, and that’s why we offer an embrace to one another. Salsa might move you in place, but tango propels you forward.

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