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The Private

Updated: May 21

What one private lesson can do.

17…I have been dancing Tango for 17 years, and I have never felt more like a beginner. Even when I actually was a beginner, I wasn’t aware of what I didn’t know. Now I know, and I feel like I’ve just started to get a glimpse of the potential I can unlock, if i put the work in. What have I been doing all these years, that wasn’t tango! Seriously, I know that this hasn’t been wasted time, because it has brought me to this point with a solid foundation, but the hindsight is killing me. My newly enlightened mind is now combing through every time I’ve danced and harshly critiquing myself. My confidence…or ego, is on the floor, and have never been so hungry to work on my technique. I’m nervous to show this to my students, but hope they see that I’m in the trenches with them, not looking down at them. I am grateful for my teachers Haris Mihail and Natasha Lewinger’s ability to pinpoint where I’m stuck, and how to get me out of it. With one private lesson, they taught me how I can elevate my dancing. What can I say, I feel silly that I didn’t recognise my weaknesses myself, pointing them out seems obvious now. The good news is that feeling this way is a healthy sign that you are still open to growing and improving. It's when this feeling stops when you should get nervous. Every teacher has a teacher, it's a precious and sacred honor to be a part of that chain. But that’s what good teachers do, they pass down knowledge to get you levelled up faster than they did. I’ll keep putting in the work, and I’ll keep helping my students shorten their time to enlightenment.

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