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Ros Gilbert

I’ve only been coming to Studio T for a few weeks and am really enjoying Kyla & Richard’s teaching. The class is very welcoming, relaxed and friendly. Kyla & Richard make the moves fun and achievable and are there to offer guidance and encouragement with a few laughs along the way! I would highly recommend Studio T to anyone wishing to learn this amazing dance.

Made to feel very welcome by Kyla and Richard who are always happy to help you. A very friendly atmosphere. Great fun classes and excellent teachers.

Laura Hutton

"Warm and fun are the first two words when I think about Studio T.

Kyla & Richard are without question, two of my favorite teachers I’ve had lessons with. They have a way of not only bringing out the best of you on the dance floor with their in-depth knowledge and understanding, but the attentiveness they bring to each individual person in the room makes sure that you personally feel welcomed, involved and your tango needs are cared for.

They give you knowledge

of both the fundamentals as

well as the technique, instead of sequences only, which is

imperative to really dance a dance.

Having done many other styles of dance throughout my life, there’s something about Tango that keeps me coming back for more.

It brings a (very addicting) emotional intensity,

in a way that no other dance has been able to provide for me. Plus there is no end to learning.

Overall, I can’t fault this place. Guaranteed laughter, learning

and love! Thank you."

"At the beginning of this year my husband and I set ourselves a goal to learn to dance.. Something neither of us have ever done before...First Tango lesson done with the amazing Studio T. Kyla and Richard were the perfect teachers and we were made to feel very welcomed by the group. Totally buzzing! Can't wait for the next class!"  

I would highly recommend Studio T for anyone wanting to learn tango. The lessons are well explained, fun and I can see my progress! Everyone is really friendly, there's a lovely feel of community and the Kyla and Richard are excellent teachers. 5 stars!

Nicki Maginn

Sam Greene

"Kyla was my first proper tango teacher. Unlike in other classes I’d taken before where they teach you sequences of steps or patterns that then don’t work on the dance floor, Kyla knows how to unlock true improvisation by demystifying the basic elements of tango movements. As a leader it gave me immediate confidence to go out social dancing. Nothing flashy or fancy, just attention and instruction on correct alignment, body awareness and connection, and she has a natural instinct for the fundamental possibilities of tango lead and follow that could take any beginner to the next level in no time."

What a great and fun way to learn Argentine tango! I got hooked from the first lesson with Kyla and Richard. They are really amazing! The lessons are serious when they need to be, the atmosphere is very friendly. I highly recommend Studio T to everyone!

Karen Savelle

I love this dance studio, both the teachers and the students. The entire atmosphere is so warm and welcoming. What I love especially is the way they teach tango- and what they focus on, besides timing, technique and tango etiquette they make it so fun.

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