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Welcome to Studio T 

Argentine Tango Club

Studio T is a forward-thinking Tango Club. Here we learn how to communicate with ourselves, and with others using Tango, along with lots of laughing and joking through the awkwardness of learning something new.

Why Choose Studio T Argentine Tango Club

Tango is all about the walk. You may have been to a class before and did nothing but walk, and soon found yourself discouraged and bored. We get it, we were there once and we think there is a better way. At Studio T, it is the last thing we teach. Don't get us wrong, it is the most important aspect in the dance. But we need you feeling confident and creative as soon as possible, so we focus on what we call our 5 basic steps. They can be rearranged and built off of, which is our whole foundation.  

Studio T Tango Class

Ros, UK

Kyla & Richard make the moves fun and achievable and are there to offer guidance and encouragement with a few laughs along the way! I would highly recommend Studio T to anyone wishing to learn this amazing dance.
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